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MMiSS Tutorial at ETAPS 2003

We had the opportunity to hold a Tutorial on MMiSS at the ETAPS 2003 in Warsaw, with the following presentations. The full program can be found on the original announcement page.
  • Bernd Krieg-Brückner: Introduction and Overview [PDF]
  • Bernd Krieg-Brückner: Semantic Structuring of Documents [PDF]
  • Martin Wirsing: An Ontology for Formal Methods [PDF]
  • Markus Roggenbach and Jan-Georg Smaus: Sample Lecture and Experiences [PDF]
  • Arndt Poetzsch-Heffter: System Architecture [PDF]
  • Christoph Lüth and Dieter Hutter: Repository, Development Graph and Authoring Tools [PDF]
  • Dieter Hutter and Christoph Lüth: Document Presentation [PDF]

MMiSS Tutorial at WADT 2002

Another tutorial was held as a Satellite event of the 16th International Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques WADT 2002 at Frauenchiemsee, Germany.

  • Bernd Krieg-Brückner: Towards MultiMedia Instruction in Safe and Secure Systems -- Introduction and Overview [PDF]
  • Markus Roggenbach: Teaching TECS -- A Case Study for MMiSS [PDF]
  • Martin Wirsing, Bernd Krieg-Brückner: An Ontology for Formal Methods [PDF]
  • Arndt Poetzsch-Heffter: Architecture of the Teaching and Learning Environment [PDF]
  • Bernd Krieg-Brückner: Semantic Document Structuring and Sustainable Development in MMiSS [PDF]
  • Christoph Lüth and Dieter Hutter: MMiSS -- Repository, Development Graph and Authoring Tools [PDF]
  • Erica Melis, Georgi Goguadse, Paul Libbrecht and Carsten Ullrich: ActiveMath System Description [PDF]

Other Presentations

Marc Jelitto:
Gender Mainstreaming beim E-Learning.
Presentation at the conference "IuK-Frühjahrstagung 2004", 15.-18. März 2004, Darmstadt.
Bernd Krieg-Brückner:
Nachhaltigkeit durch Varianten, semantische Vernetzung und Änderungsmanagement
Presentation at the IWF-Workshop "Medienerstellung und Nachhaltigkeit", 03.-05.12.2003, Göttingen.
Marc Jelitto:
Mindestmaßnahmen bei Evaluationen - eine Einführung
Presentation at the conference "Evaluation und Organisationsentwicklung", 08.-10.10.2003, Hamburg.
Bernd Krieg-Brückner and Christoph Lüth:
Multi-Media Instructions in Safe and Secure Systems.
Presentation at IFIP WG 1.3 Meeting, 01.06.-03.06.2003, Menorca.
Marc Jelitto:
Leitfäden und Evaluation : Erfahrungen aus dem MMiSS-Projekt.
Presentation at the workshop "Forum Evaluation", 09.05.2003, Hagen.
Carsten Ullrich:
The ActiveMath Learning Environment.
Presentation at Dagstuhl Seminar 03191: Conceptual and Technical Aspects of Electronic Learning, 06.05.2003, Wadern.
Marc Jelitto:
Implementierung von Gender Mainstreaming in die Evaluation.
Presentation at the workshop "Grundfragen multimedialer Lehre", 10.-11.03.2003, Potsdam.
Erica Melis:
Progress in ActiveMath.
Presentation at Learning Research and Development Centre (LRDC), 09.12.2002, Pittsburgh, USA.
Marc Jelitto:
Evaluationsansätze bei digitalen Lehr- und Lernsystemen - ein Überblick.
Presentation at the conference "Evaluation: Kompetenzen entwickeln und nutzen", 16.-18.10.2002, Mainz.
Erica Melis:
The User-Adaptive Learning Environment ActiveMath.
Presentation at Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Computing Technology, 14.05.2002, Peking.
Erica Melis:
Knowledge Representation for Web-Based User-Adaptive Education Systems.
Presentation at BMBF-Workshop 'Standardisierung im eLearning', 11.04.2002, Frankfurt a.M.
Erica Melis:
Die benutzer-adaptive ActiveMath Lernumgebung.
Presentation at learntec 2002.

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