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Computer-Supported Modeling and Reasoning

The lecture Computer-Supported Modeling and Reasoning was held by Prof. Dr. David Basin and Dr. Burkhart Wolff at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg in the winter semesters in 01/02 and 02/03, and will be held by Dr. Jan-Georg Smaus in 03/04.

The materials of this lecture can be viewed as lecture slides, but at the same time, they form an online course for self study, mainly thanks to the following features:

  • animation (useful both in a lecture and in a self-learning context)
  • a rich structure of forward and backward links within the material, as well as links to the WWW
  • detailed explanations (annotations), accessible by the learner at request via hyperlinks.
The lecture material is continuously being improved, but has already come quite a long way. You can download a gzipped tar-file containing most of the material. You will find about a dozen subdirectories each containing LaTeX source file as well as the pdf file for one lecture unit.

Some comments

  • You should copy the gzipped tar-file to any place of your file system and unzip and untar it, but you should not change the internal directory structure of the material, since this is crucial for the hyperlinks to work. The working of the hyperlinks has been tested for the Acrobat reader.
  • Hyperlinks in the slides are marked by colours: dark blue for a link within the same document, light blue for a link to another unit of the lecture, and pink for links to WWW pages.

Last updated: July, 23 2003