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This page offers a concise collection of links to the results of the project.

Publications and Presentations

Publications and presentations can be found here: The most complete presentation of the project will appear in the proceedings of WADT 2002. You can find the current draft here.

Teaching Material

The following Powerpoint presentation gives an overview about the planned and so far realized lectures: MMiSS Courses. Links to the lecture material can be found on our Lectures page.

The following two sample lectures presently make most use of MMiSS' advanced document presentation facilities, such as ontology support, semantic document structuring, and literate specification and programming:


We produced a "guideline for the production of teaching materials at the MMiSS project" as a basis for evaluation. This guideline considers the gender aspect and was used for evaluating the slides of all readings. The lectures, which used materials of MMiSS, have been evaluated with a questionnaire.

Another outcome is a research report about evaluation, gender and digital learning.

More Information can be found at the page about evaluation.

Learning Environment

ActiveMath is a web-based intelligent learning environment for mathematics that has been developed at DFKI Saarbrücken and Saarland University. It generates courses user-adaptively, i.e., dependent on the learner's goals, learning scenarios, mastery, and preferences and generically integrates several external systems useful for exploratory learning. More information about the Learning Environment ActiveMath can be found here. You can get an impression of the system by using the online demo.


The repository is the central MMiSS authoring tool. It supports semantically aware configuration management and version control for MMiSS documents. Binary distributions for a variety of popular operating systems can be found here. A talk introducing the basic concepts of the repository can be found here.

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